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$33 Small Share - Includes 8 items

Most Popular Share

Includes 1 hand crafted loaf of bread

Perfect for a family of 3-4 



$45 Family Share - Includes 14 items

Includes two loaves hand crafted bread

Extra Fruit and Vegetables

Perfect for a family of 4-6 



$23 Personal Share - Includes 5 items

Bread not included but can be added through the web store

Perfect for one person




Your credit card will not be charged until the day of delivery. You can choose to receive a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery. If you have allergies or if there is something you just don't like, let us know and we can make adjustments to your farm bag. Please contact us at

Add On Subscriptions

Microgreens - receive a different kind of fresh microgreen each scheduled delivery. 

Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms - receive a different type of fresh mushroom each scheduled delivery.

Fresh Cage-Free Brown Eggs - receive farm fresh eggs each scheduled delivery.

Artisanal Cheese - receive a different handcrafted Artisanal cheese each scheduled delivery.

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